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Expectations were meant to be exceeded

Premium Cannabis Rolling Trays

All Green Anvil rolling trays are crafted from the finest 304 series stainless steel and were developed with scrupulous attention to detail.  Find out why no other tray is like an Anvil.

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Signature Design

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Every Detail Included

Every decision that goes into our trays makes it stand apart.   We started with hours of design and developed numerous prototypes that were tested, and re-tested to create our signature shape.

The result?  Large radius corners that naturally guide your fingers when picking up cannabis.  We pushed steel to the limits with our 90-degree interior walls that effortlessly glide paper vertically, making the trickiest rolling step a thing of the past.  Our clever bottom right Clean up Corner puts unused cannabis into your favourite container and our iconic handle is attractive and comfortable to use. 

Once you use an Anvil rolling tray, you’ll never go back to anything else.

Formed to work anywhere

A fusion of right-sized dimensions and Anvil design, our rolling trays are designed for the right job. 

A perfect balance of form and function, the T48 has enough surface space for home or on-the-go.  Our compact rolling tray was designed to be small enough to store and take anywhere, but provide enough surface space to comfortably roll anything.

Roll anything?  Our flagship T88 rolling tray can handle any connoisseur or social smoking session.  Large enough for all your gear but can be quickly put away if discretion is required.   

The best part about our trays is that they work together, with the smaller T48 fitting precisely into the larger T88 for transportation and storage.     

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Premium Stainless Steel

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Quality you can feel

We start with 18 gauge stainless steel that we cut, bend and shape into our Anvil profile.  We maximize the 304 series food grade steel by hand applying our Brushed Matte Vapour finish that’s both durable and easy to maintain.  The rounded bowl leaves no spots for residue to collect making the rolling trays non-stick surface easy to clean. 

Simple maintenance & care

Treat your Anvil rolling tray right and it will do the same for you.  We paid great attention to materials and stainless steel is easy to clean with little maintenance.  Use any small sized paint brush with our Clean up Corner to keep the tray clean and residue free.  For tougher deposits, a simple isopropyl alcohol soak brings back the hygienic stainless steel surface.

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